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Welcome to the Slaughtered Lamb Tavern.

Slaughtered Lamb is reopened after a long duration. As we all known it was a long time a criminal place.
The Criminal
organisation "The Rose" had the Tavern a long time as a front for there dark doings.
But now, the tavern is re-opened and we hope that many people dare to come more to the mage district, to drink and feed there belly's as in the old good times of the district of the past.

Tell your friends and comrades we are here and to stay and to make it a jolly place again.

The owner if the Slaughtered Lambs Tavern is Eldrana Blazehollow.
The building is rented and under contract and all legal deeds are taken care of under the law of Stormwind.


Yasmien Morningray-Blazehollow - Manager

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Slaughtered Lambs Tavern

Yasmien, Jul 13, 12 7:04 AM.
Welcome on our forum.

This forum is under IC rules. We do have an OOC section, but it isnt of interest for outsiders.
All that wanna join this guild for ic reason's as to work in the tavern can take a look on our recruiting tab in the forum as to what our needs are on this moment.
Write in ic a letter to Yasmien. She will handle the hiring and firing in this establishment.

Also it is possible by doubts of a ic job gathering that the owner of the Slaughtered Lamb Tavern can check the possible new employee out on criminal records or past records. This for the safety of all employee's of the Tavern.

The Tavern has bouncers and has a set of rules to handle in situations. Also the City Guards can be called in to take actions, due to the nature of the owner of the Slaughtered Lamb Tavern.


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Information can be asked by the Manager Yasmien.
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